Glenelg, South Australia
(Where to go and what to do in two hours or less)
"Glenelg" however you want to read it --- forward or backwards, it will still be the same. Isn't it amazing? Indeed, it is. Aside from its great name, Glenelg is known for its long stretched white sandy beach located just 10 km away from the heart of Adelaide City, the capital of South Australia. In just a short 20 minutes trip via tram or bus from the city towards Moseley Square, you get to enjoy a delightful stroll along its seashore, feed the birds, and feel the warm breeze on this summer day. Truly an enriching experience if you are a nature lover!

Moseley Square, Glenelg SA
However, if you are the fun-loving type of person, you can tap into your inner child and be a kid once again as you enjoy the fantastic games and rides at the "Beachouse". It is a family entertainment centre just a further walk from Moseley Square that is packed with various attractions such as water slides, bumper boats, carousel, dodgem cars, train and ferris wheel. Adults and children alike are welcome as they have a mini golf, cafe and arcade games and much more.

Glenelg's Beachouse taken along Colley Reserve.
Then, after a fun-filled afternoon, take delight and relax with your choice of sumptuous meals at the various restaurants in the Marina Pier with its majestic surrounds and sea breeze. To select among several cuisines that you or your family might love, a link on its directory is provided for your ease.

The bridge going to the Marina restaurants from Moseley Square.
The Boulevard at the Marina.

Indeed, in just two hours or less, you can do all these stuff in Glenelg!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up and enjoy the outdoors. If you are visiting South Australia for a day, don't forget to drop by Glenelg as it will truly complete your trip! If you have the time, watch the sunset as it is truly a splendid scenic view to behold!

As preview to the place and of its world-class activities, herewith is a video of the latest "Rescue 2012 - World Life Saving Championships" held in Glenelg with participants from all over the world. (courtesy of
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Enjoy! Remember, Travel light! Stay Inspired!
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