Things To Do in Singapore

Things To Do in Singapore
(Singapore - Small City, Big in Wonder)

Singapore is just a small country, with just around 682.7 sqm in land area, but is quite highly urbanized. It is one of the world's most prosperous cities with its various international links and flights that it is considered as one of the top places in the world great for business. 

A view of Singapore taken from the SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
with the Esplanade Theatre and Marina Floating Stadium shown.
If you happen to visit Singapore for any purpose, even for a limited time, it is possible to make the most of it by visiting its iconic wonders in approximately 3-5 hours. That is including transportation. Yes! it is feasible! Why? Because everything is just in one place --- Esplanade Theatre, Merlion Park, Marina Square, Helix Bridge, Lotus Shaped Museum, Marina Sky Park and the Singapore Flyer. Aren't they numerous enough? Yes, they are. But they're also just strolls apart. So get ready with your camera and grab some snaps of evidence in Singapore!

The iconic Merlion at the Merlion Park.
First destination is the Merlion Park. This is the foremost place you should go as coming to Singapore may not be complete if you do not pay a visit here. Second reason is that the park is a very strategic area to reach the other places I just mentioned. Hiring a taxi is a sound idea if you are in a hurry and its not a worry to talk to the drivers about getting there as everybody in Singapore speaks English.

From the park, walk along Esplanade Road and head towards the Esplanade Theatre. Its visible from the Merlion so its not much likely that you will get lost. The theatre's unique design is inspired after the skin of a Durian fruit, that is why it is impossible for you not to take a picture of this icon when you're there too.

The Esplanade Theatre.
Next, stroll down further and follow the trail through the Marina Floating Stadium to get to the other side of the Kallang River which is quite visible as Marina Bay Sands with the Lotus Flower shaped Museum below it.  

Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the view of the Lotus-shaped Museum on the left below it
and the SkyPark in the shape of a cruiseship on top of three tall buildings.
Getting to the Marina Bay Sands hotel is only a walk through the Helix bridge, which is another attraction because of its splendid design. About the hotel's SkyPark, many people do not bother to go up because of its SGD19 fee. Its up to you actually as it depends if you have the time and the budget allocation for this. But as for me, it was worth it! Aside that I was able to take a picture of its infinity pool and get to know about interesting facts about Singapore, I also had the chance to see much of Singapore's scenic spots at an aerial that of the Singapore's Central Business District, Gardens by the Bay, Kallang River and the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer taken along the road.

That's it! Aren't they a lot in just a few hours? In fact, if you really have more than that, there are so many other city centre attractions that you should not miss. They include the Millenia Walk of the Marina Square mall which is just a walk away from the Marina Bay Sands along Nicholl Highway, the Suntec City, Chinatown, Bugis Center and the Raffles City. Whats more if you're here on a luxurious visit? Well, add these list of must-see places: Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo.

Otherwise, if you are just on a connecting flight via Singapore and you have at least five hours to spare, do not hesitate to go out and see Singapore's wonders as Changi Airport provides Free Singapore Tour. One important thing though is --- make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months otherwise you will not be allowed entry!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the chance! Otherwise, plan your trip now or start saving up to make your dreams come true!

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