Adelaide South Australia
(The city that fascinates the world with its simplistic wonder)

Adelaide City is capital city of South Australia founded in the year 1836 by Colonel Light, and is now known as Australia's most liveable city. This is because of its population of only around 1.2 million despite its urbanized land area of 984.3 sq km and having the cheapest real estate as compared to the other major cities of Australia. Its laid-back lifestyle and family-centred traditions are a great plus. Meanwhile the simple layout of the city as a one-square mile grid surrounded by green reserves makes it simple and wonderful for residents and tourists alike.

If you have just arrived in Adelaide, I suggest you go straight to literally the heart of the city - the Victoria's Square, a public park known formerly as the "Tarndanyangga" or the Dreaming Place of the Red Kangaroo. Why? So you would immediately feel confident touring around and be in awe on how simple it is to get to different places from here. It would feel like you've been already here before! In so doing, grab this Adelaide Map for a start.

Victoria Square, for one, is bordered by numerous public institutions at the north and south ends including the various public courts of South Australia and Adelaide as well as the Treasury. While on the eastern side are the numerous universities, state government offices, SA Water Headquarters, and other public offices of the state.

Meanwhile, across these buildings is the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. You can snap some pictures here on this Gothic-inspired structure whose construction dates way back in the year 1851.

On the western side of the square, on the other hand, are mostly just commercial spaces including the iconic Hilton Hotel, Chinatown and the Central Market.

This simple layout of Adelaide then makes it also known as the 20-minute city being only 7 km away from the airport and less than an hour away to the widely known Adelaide Hills to the east and the Glenelg beaches to the west. Transportation here is easy and cheap as you can board a bus or tram on a full day trip and use the same ticket or the Adelaide Metrocard on multiple rides on either modes. However, you need NOT spend a dime on transport if you'll be just around the city because it is absolutely FREE to board those public transit within the city centre. If you want to plan your journey, click Adelaide Metro for further information.

If you want to go on shopping or on dining, the Chinatown or Central Market on the west and the Rundle Mall on the north are only a stroll away from this public reserve.

Furthermore after, go and visit the other must see places: Universities and Museums at the North Terrace, the River Torrens further up north, and the Botanic Garden and Adelaide Zoo on the north eastern side of the city via Frome Road. All these are just strolls away from each other!

So, if you are here for a long time, do not ever miss of dropping-by the must see places shared above as well as the Barossa Valley, Handorf and the Kangaroo Island tours available. About Glenelg, click here to know more about it and on What to do in Glenelg in Two Hours or Less.

Meanwhile, for a glimpse of Adelaide, here is an Insiders Tour of Adelaide City - Leigh Street, South Australia courtesy of

Enjoy! Remember, Travel light and Stay Inspired!

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