Glenelg Beach
(A great place to unwind)

Glenelg is a suburb or town by the seaside of Adelaide, South Australia located just 20 minutes by transportation from the city centre. Its white sand beach is superb not only in the summer but all year round as featured in this article Where to go and What to do in Two Hours or less in GlenelgIt conveys that you will not only take delight in having a fun-filled time in its various spots if you're here, but you would certainly enjoy its sea-side.

You will truly enjoy the long stretched white sandy beach and the warm breeze especially while we are still in the summer month. One great factor that separates Glenelg from other famous beaches of Australia is its being uncrowded and serene.

As a matter of fact, its not only ideal for relaxation but also for reflection. After all, citing one quote from the Inspirational Sayings --- "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes". 

Indeed, being with nature recharges the spirit and invigorates the mind! So why not spend it here if you are already in South Australia or just visiting Adelaide for a while.

Because even if you're just here for a short trip, you can just stroll along the sea shore and on its board walk straight off the tram and going left from the Moseley Square, Glenelg.

If you ever get tired, there are great shades to stop by as well as benches to sit on and just spend some chat with your mate. Otherwise, ride the miniature train for just $4 going back so you get to relax and reminisce the excitement of your childhood days being on it. 
Overall, Glenelg is just a small town but it features lots of interesting things to do not just for tourists but also for families of all ages. Its developed to be the an all-in-one area for everybody regardless of interests. Whether you're a nature-lover, shop-a-holic, food-craver, or leisure-fanatic, this is your place!

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Enjoy! Remember, Travel light and Stay Inspired!

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