A Kite’s Tale on Teamwork

"A Kite's Tale" is another motivational team story brought to you by InspirationalTravel.org that conveys the value teamwork and how we are reminded of each team member’s contribution towards the successful achievement of a goal.
We hope this story will give you another inspiration or enlightenment as we recognize other people’s value in us, in our family, workplace, or community.
On a breezy March day, the town mayor happened to stroll through the park where a small boy was flying the largest, most beautiful kite he had ever seen. It soared so high and floated so gently, the mayor was sure it must be visible from the next town. Since his little town did not have very many things of note to its credit, the mayor decided to award a "key to the city" to the one responsible for setting this spectacle aloft.
"Who is responsible for flying this kite?" the mayor inquired.
"I am," said the boy. "I made the kite with my own hands. I painted all the beautiful pictures and constructed it with scraps I found in my father's workshop. I fly the kite," he declared.
"I am," said the wind. "It is my whim that keeps it aloft and sets the direction it will go. Unless I blow, the kite will not fly at all. I fly the kite," the wind cooed.
"Not so," exclaimed the kite's tail. "I make it sail and give it stability against the wind's whims. Without me, the kite would spin out of control and not even the boy could save it from crashing to earth. I fly the kite," declared the tail.
Now, as for you, who flies the kite?
Don't they all do?
Sometimes, people forget to be smart. In the hurry of a business day, it is easy to forget that the boss or team leader is just that, the leader of the team. Each member is important in keeping projects moving and meeting goals. In a family, some parents tend to put themselves in authority over their children’s decisions believing that they have such right of ownership along with keeping the family. Leaders, on the other hand, often less recognize the voice of their community members after being elected.

Please take a moment to ponder. Consider each team mate and how valuable each has contributed.  As a matter of fact, we need to recognize that each individual has their own strength and weakness which other team members compensate.  Everybody is essential in keeping the tasks done!
So, from this time on, put on a new pair of lens. Tell other people how glad you are to have met them and how they have touched you in a way or another.

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