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is another collection of quotes by Inspirational that believes in the beauty of things despite the paradox of life. Believing that things will get better despite stormy weather will keep us moving.

We all grow to be the beautiful person we are meant to be ---
some earlier, some later.

You will never be Brave if you don't  get hurt,
You will never Learn if you don't make mistakes,
You will never be Successful,
if you don't encounter failure.

Be Thankful.
Be thankful when you Don't Know something, 
for it gives you the Opportunity to Learn.
Be thankful for the Difficult Times,
during those times you Grow.
Be thankful for your Limitations,
they give you opportunities for Improvement.
Be thankful for each New Challenge,
which build your Strength and Character.
Be thankful for your mistakes,
they will teach you valuable lessons.

It is not the strongest that survive,
nor the most intelligent that survive.
It is one that is most adoptable to change.
- Charles Darwin

Keep the faith. Hold On.
Things will get better.
It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.

When you're going through difficult moments,
Remember, the darker the night,
the brighter the stars become.

Don't Quit.
The moment you're ready to quit 
is usually the time when miracle is about to happen.
Don't Give Up.

Life is like a bicycle.
You gotta keep your balance and keep moving.

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