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Teamwork Quotes

TEAMWORK QUOTES are inspirational sayings compiled by Inspirational Travel to help us realise that a good collaboration gives great inspiration.
Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships and collaboration... as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. - Simon Mainwaring

The strength of the team is the individual member;
The strength of each member is the team. - Phil Jackson

The best teamwork comes from men who works independently toward one goal in unison. - James Cash Penney
The work of the individual remains the spark that move mankind ahead... - Igor Silkorsky

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. - Hellen Keller

Teamwork builds Trust and Trust builds Speed. - Russel Honore

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Inspirational Story about Determination

Another inspirational story shared by Inspirational Travel to remind us to keep doing our best amidst dryness and struggles in life. This story is quoted from the book God's Little Devotional Book II (God's Little Devotional Books):

Long ago, a band of minstrels traveled from town to town performing music to make a living. They were not financially successful. Times were hard and there was little money left for common folk to spend on entertainment. So attendance was sparse. One night, the troupe met to discuss their plight - One said, "I see no reason for singing tonight. Its starting to snow. Who will venture out on a night like this?"
Another said, "I agree. Last night, we performed for only a handful. Fewer will come tonight. Why not give back the price of their tickets and cancel?"
A third added, "It's hard to do one's best for so few."
Then an older man arose and looked straight at the group as a whole and said - "I know you a…