Inspirational Story about Determination

Another inspirational story shared by Inspirational Travel to remind us to keep doing our best amidst dryness and struggles in life.
Long ago, a band of minstrels traveled from town to town performing music to make a living. They were not financially successful. Times were hard and there was little money left for common folk to spend on entertainment. So attendance was sparse.
One night, the troupe met to discuss their plight -
One said, "I see no reason for singing tonight. Its starting to snow. Who will venture out on a night like this?"
Another said, "I agree. Last night, we performed for only a handful. Fewer will come tonight. Why not give back the price of their tickets and cancel?"
A third added, "It's hard to do one's best for so few."
Then an older man arose and looked straight at the group as a whole and said - "I know you are discouraged. I am too. It's not the fault of others who come tonight that others do not. They should not be punished with less than the best we can give. We will go on and we will do our best!"
Heartened by his words, the minstrels went on with their show. Even though the audience was small, they have never performed better.
After the concert, the old man called the troupe together. "Listen to this", he said ash he began to read a note he held in his hand - "Thank You for a very beautiful performance. Simply signed 'Your King'"
The message of the story -
There are always two people who see what you do and how well you do it - You and your God.
Always do the very best you can, in the things that you do best, and you will know in thy soul, that you are the greatest success in the world. God created you uniquely. No one can take your place. Realize this and be yourself.

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