Quotes about Self Reflection

Inspirational Travel wants to share these quotes about the importance of Self Reflection 
so we can journey through life refreshed and focused. 
Life is not always smooth 
but listening and enriching our inner being in every experience 
can hopefully give us direction and meaning.

By three methods we learn Wisdom:
First, by Reflection, which is the noblest
Second, by Imitation, which is easiest
Third, by Experience, which is the bitterest.
- Confucius

The way we reflect the world around us
is the direct reflection of the world within us.

We cannot selectively numb emotions.
When we numb painful emotions,
we also numb the positive emotions.
- from the book The Gifts of Imperfection
In the mirror we find a reflection of our appearance,
but in the heart, we find a reflection of our soul.

Authenticity is a collection of choices 
that we have to make everyday.
It is about the choice 
to show up and be real.
The choice to be honest.
The choice to let our true selves be seen.
- Brene Brown

"We cultivate love when we allow 
our most vulnerable and powerful selves 
to be deeply seen and known,
and when we honour
the spiritual connection that grows 
from that offering
with trust, respect, kindness and affection."
from the book Rising Strong, quoted from goodreads.com

Remember that when you leave this earth
you take with you nothing that you receive...
only that which you have given.

Let go of who you think you're supposed to be
and Embrace who you are.
Brene Brown

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