Things To Do in Singapore

Things To Do in Singapore
(Singapore - Small City, Big in Wonder)

Singapore is just a small country, with just around 682.7 sqm in land area, but is quite highly urbanized. It is one of the world's most prosperous cities with its various international links and flights that it is considered as one of the top places in the world great for business. 

If you happen to visit Singapore for any purpose, even for a limited time, it is possible to make the most of it by visiting its iconic wonders in approximately 3-5 hours. That is including transportation. Yes! it is feasible! Why? Because everything is just in one place --- Esplanade Theatre, Merlion Park, Marina Square, Helix Bridge, Lotus Shaped Museum, Marina Sky Park and theSingapore Flyer. Aren't they numerous enough? Yes, they are. But they're also just strolls apart. So get ready with your camera and grab some snaps of evidence in Singapore!

First destination is the Merlion Park. This is the foremost place you should go as c…

Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa Island in Singapore
(Experience Everything in One Place)

Singapore, despite its small land area, has so much in store for all types of visitors. Whether you're here for a business trip, overseas work, or even just on a connecting flight, its always possible to explore its wonders in a just a day or less. This time, I will unlock the doors of its man-made paradise --- "Sentosa" which means peace and tranquility.

Sentosa is a world-class island resort filled with various types of recreational playgrounds for all ages located just 15 minutes away from the city centre of Singapore. You can get there either by private car, public bus, cable car or by light rail called the Sentosa Express via Vivo City mall. Each varies in their ticketing fees on a per person charge. 

But if your time is limited and would rather want to spend much of your time in the destination more than in travelling, you can always hire a taxi cab straight to it especially if you're coming from the …


Glenelg, South Australia (Where to go and what to do in two hours or less)
"Glenelg" however you want to read it --- forward or backwards, it will still be the same. Isn't it amazing? Indeed, it is. Aside from its great name, Glenelg is known for its long stretched white sandy beach located just 10 km away from the heart of Adelaide City, the capital of South Australia. In just a short 20 minutes trip via tram or bus from the city towards Moseley Square, you get to enjoy a delightful stroll along its seashore, feed the birds, and feel the warm breeze on this summer day. Truly an enriching experience if you are a nature lover!

Moseley Square, Glenelg SA However, if you are the fun-loving type of person, you can tap into your inner child and be a kid once again as you enjoy the fantastic games and rides at the "Beachouse". It is a family entertainment centre just a further walk from Moseley Square that is packed with various attractions such as water slides, bumper b…